Friday, May 14, 2010

Missing in action

I can't believe, well, yes I can, that I have let this blog lapse again. Loads of good intentions, all swept away under a tidal wave of work. I know now why PsyBlog posted lists of things she had to do. Basically, that's how life is currently, lists of things to do...and never getting to the bottom of the list.

I haven't forgotten this blog or the others but am currently tied up with.....

1. Finalising a paper for publication
2. Writing a chapter for a book due at the end of July
3. Managing my current study that I've plugged extensively on here!!
4. Writing up the first study
5. Preparing the next study
6. Completing an advanced course in psychopharmacology
7. Marking copious numbers of student papers
8. Working in private practice

I will be back soon. I've realised I need this blog for my own sanity.

For all those who have taken part in my study, THANK YOU!!!

Still need big numbers, so if you have a few moments and need that kind of excitement in your life (ha!), please see blog post below.


Dreaming again said...

I was pleasantly surprised to see your blog posting show up in my feed reader totday! Good to 'see' you.
Due to family/doctor pressure, I'm taking the summer off (again). They feel I need it for my health.

I got A's (except in intermediate algebra, which I expected and is not a credit class and has no effect on my GPA doesn't count)

I was also inducted into Phi Theta Kappa (international honor society, little sister program to Phi Beta Kappa) and then elected to vice president of service.

HP said...

Congratulations on your grades and your news, Dreaming Again. I've really missed checking in with my favourite blogs. I must try and make some more time.

Sorry to hear your health is getting in the way again. As someone with a similar background, sometimes we just have to take time out in order to move forward again later.

Online Doctors said...

Well said. It is common and obvious that we will love our blogs and works.
MY best wishes to you.

yogurt said...

Completely understood. I've been swamped under myself. Blogging has become a rarity for me lately.

Alison said...

Hey HP,

It's definite this time, I am back in bloghaven. I didn't like the real world after all. Great to see you being so persistent with this work and offering to the world. With the break, I can see it does take some dedication to a blog to keep it happening.

Hope you are travelling well. I look forward to some good fun and interesting psych exchanges with you again.


Dr. Deb said...

I love when you post, even if it's a long while from the last one. Wow, so much is going on. SO much!

Rocky said...

ages and ages have past, and yet i still feel a camaraderie. it's mckay from that long ago SMALie part of the world.

i've let my old blog die a good death and have started a new one to reflect new chapters. so glad i peeked back to my old blog and found your comment. it's good to stay in touch! i'll keep checking in to see how you're doing.

Best wishes,
mckay aka Rocky

My Blog said...

I found you in google and reading your post, i really enjoy it. Hit me sometime if you have time. Thanks.


deepak said...

You look great now... Zoya