Friday, March 19, 2010

Research study, participants needed

This will explain why I have been absent from the blog.

Rumination and Informational Preferences in Psychological and Behavioural Outcomes in Illness: Reliability and validity testing of the Multidimensional Rumination in Illness Scale (MRIS)

This project is part of a research program that examines the role of ruminative thinking in psychological and behavioural outcomes in illness. In looking at the way in which thinking style influences a person’s emotional and behavioural response to illness, it is hoped to provide a way of identifying individuals who may experience difficulties in adjusting to illness and also guide the development of appropriate interventions.

This stage of the project involves validation and reliability testing of the newly-developed Multidimensional Rumination in Illness Scale (MRIS).

For this project, I am seeking English-speaking people who are over 18. Participation involves the completion of an on-line questionnaire, which will take approximately 30 minutes.

This study has been approved by the Macquarie University Ethics Review Committee (Human Subjects).

If this project is of interest to you, please go to the following website to start the questionnaire:

Thinking Style in Illness


Dreaming again said...

There ya go! all done

Dr. Deb said...

I'd be happy to participate.

Green Tea said...

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phd in yogurtry said...

Is this for people with chronic illness? Or anyone at all?

Lydia said...

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Mit said...

I started to fill in the questionnarie but was put off that I was REQUIRED to complete each item. This did not feel in keeping wiht the voluntary participatiion required by your ethics panel

HP said...

Hi Mit,

Thank you for considering my study. I apologise if you found the forced response unpleasant.

Unfortunately, getting only partial responses makes the data collected unusable and would therefore represent a waste of your time and effort.

However, yes, participation is voluntary and, as explained, in the informed consent information, you can drop out of the questionnaire at any stage so effectively you can elect not to answer all the questions.

I hope this explains things. If you feel really strongly, you are welcoome to make a formal complaint and if you can no longer access the information for the ethics committee, I would be more than happy to provide them to you if you wish to email me.

Best wishes,