Thursday, September 20, 2007

Quitting is hard......

Quitting is hard. Not quitting is harder.

This is the tagline of the latest series of anti-smoking advertisements. You can view the first of these ads. here. This example actually dates from 2005 but demonstrates the campaign effectively.

This week is National Stroke Week and I particularly wanted to highlight the campaign ad. that focuses on stroke as a possible outcome of smoking. You can view it here. When people think about the side effects of smoking, lung cancer and emphysema usually come to mind first. However, smoking can also increase the risk of cardiovascular accidents including stroke and heart attack.

The reasoning behind this campaign is to examine the common excuses made for quitting smoking. To me, this seems to hit home much more than some of the more graphic ads, which often simply cause people to look away or change television channel.

What do you think?


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Donna said...

My father died at age 45 of a stroke. He was a very heavy smoker, but I believe that his alcohol and drug use was also a contributing factor.

2 of the 3 girls in my family smoke. I am one of them. I've been smoking since I was about 15. I worry about having a stroke or lung cancer or any of the other things that can happen to a smoker. Unfortunately, I just can't quit. I've tried. I turn into a basket case. My husband quit in 1991, and he smoked like a fiend. He wants me to quit. I want to quit, but not enough to actually do it. I use excuses to continue smoking, such as it helping me with anxiety and stress. There are other more healthy things to do for those, I know.

I wish I had never started smoking.

Dr. Deb said...

Great post. HP. I like the anachronym for symptoms.

HP said...

Hi Donna,
I'm really sorry to hear that your father passed so early, so young. Quitting is really, really hard. You know all the theories, the strategies....guess you're still in that contemplation stage!

Hi Deb,
Thanks. FAST is easy to remember.

Dr. Deb said...

Happy Labour Day, HP.