Thursday, January 14, 2010

Remembering old 'friends'

Browsing the internet today, I came across an old 'friend'.

Eliza, the online 'therapist', not to be taken seriously by any means. I remember having a copy of this program on my old Mac way back in the early 90s. By today's standards, it performs poorly but then we now have 'real' online therapists and the likes of e-couch and Mood Gym. Good job really!

If you haven't ever seen Eliza, have a play.


blogbehave said...

Does it please you that I went to see Eliza the therapist?

blogbehave said...

p.s. I hope we're not as rote as all that ; )

HP said...

Love the blog title. Made me think of Austen Powers for a moment.

I did say Eliza was somewhat dated!! :)

Claire said...

I had rather a lot of fun with Eliza, but she grew wearisome and started to affect my personal growth..

Hehe :)