Saturday, January 02, 2010


Or the Last Minute Bomb.

Something most therapists experience from time to time, something most of us who have been through any kind of therapy have unleashed ourselves.

What is it? A Last Minute Bomb describes that situation where session time is almost out and the client suddenly raises a critical issue, something requiring far more than the last remaining five minutes of a session. What happens next really depends on the nature of the disclosure - if a risk of self-harm or potential danger to others exists, action must be taken, otherwise the issue usually has to be deferred to the next session, which may leave the client feeling a little disgruntled or that their issues are dismissed.

There's a number of reasons why the Last Minute Bomb happens as detailed in this excellent brief article by Dr. Ryan Howes about the Last Minute Bomb in therapy.

What do you think about the Last Minute Bomb? What are your experiences? Client-side, therapist-side - do you have other views of why this happens?


Anonymous said...

As a long time patient, I have definitely participated in LMBs. I think it's usually due to the "reluctance" Dr. Howes talks about. I try to put off talking about some things until its almost too late, but I sneak it in before times up.

Thank you for this! A very interesting topic and that Dr writes a lot of interesting articles.


Dreaming again said...

Like Anonymous I was notorious for this with my first therapist. My second therapist would ask me about 20 minutes before lol
This one, I don't think I've pulled it a single time. Not sure what that indicates.

"Guppy" Honaker said...

I've experienced the "LMB." It's frustrating to deal with.
Happy New Year,
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