Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year

Here's wishing you all a Happy New Year.

Apologies for the extended absence but, hopefully, I will be back on track with regular posting from this point forwards. Thanks to all of you who hung in there.

Over the Christmas period, we have gained another family member. You might remember the addition of Sushi, bottom photo (helping with the washing), and now 10 months old. We have now gained Wasabi, 10 weeks old, and chilling in the top photo. Both lhasa apsos. Wasabi may have some major health problems, in which case the breeder will want to take him back, but we're hoping he gets a clean bill of health later this week as he's already firmly embedded in our family.

Pets as therapy? Absolutely, and given the number of animals we now have, we should be the most chilled house ever.Or so goes the theory!

With the blog, I am tidying up defunct links. If your link inadvertently disappears or you have a new link you'd like to see added, please email me at

I have checked all links at Psychobabble Resources but intend building on these resources and highlighting key information for the different areas. I want to expand beyond Australian resources. An ongoing project. Again, please, if you come across links/information that would be useful for people, please send me an email as above.

I am also setting up a separate blog Rumin8 covering my research area, rumination, to keep track of developments in rumination research but this progress on this is limited so far. If, however, you have an interest in this area or have some useful links, please email me at the address above.


phd in yogurtry said...

What cute puppies!! Welcome to new little Wasabi - love the names you've come up with.

Good luck with the Rumin8 - creative and catchy blog title - looking forward to seeing what you're coming up with.

Question: Is there a research expressly devoted to rumination? Would this be similar to the "pure-O" obsessional literature?

Feronia said...

Oh.So.Very.Cute! Happy New Year to you and your dear little bundles of fur :)