Friday, March 06, 2009

Site of the week: E-Couch

E-Couch is another initiative of the Australian National University. Remember MoodGym?

E-Couch is an informational source for emotional problems - from cause to prevention to treatment and includes exercises and strategies to help understand ourselves and others better.

Best of all, E-Couch is free to use. Check it out and remember to let me know what you think!

Update from the E-Couch team:
This Friday 6th March 2009, there will be a downtime on the E-Couch program in order to add generalised anxiety and social anxiety tools.


Awake In Rochester said...

It looks good! I just took the test and will go back. It doesn't surprise me where I was listed on the depression scale. Thanks for the link!

The e-couch team said...

Hi there,
Just a note from the e-couch team - this Friday 6th March 2009 there will be a downtime on the e-couch program - we will be adding generalised anxiety and social anxiety tools (in addition to the existing depression tools).
Best regards and we hope you find the improved program useful.

Dr. Deb said...