Monday, July 28, 2008

Medicine and psychology

Interesting to hear of the new centre for Medical Psychology and Evidence-based Decision-making(CeMPED)at the University of Sydney under the management of Professor Butow (Psychology), Professor Martin Tattersall (Medicine) and Associate Professor Alexandra Barratt (Public Health).

Psychological concerns are overlooked in illness yet psychological disorders often occur at greater rates in people diagnosed with medical conditions than the general public.

The goal of the new centre is to redress this stuation and provide understanding of health from both a medical and psychological perspective. CeMPED will have psychologists, nurses, doctors and public health professionals on board.

What a fabulous and long overdue initiative!



phd in yogurtry said...

Much needed. The fact that most MDs and PhDs practice their respective treatments in relative isolation from each other is sub-standard health care. So much is missed.

Deb said...

So true, so true!

EmpressDivine said...

I agree!

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Alison said...

That's great news.I expect you'd be a great bonus to their work, hope you are showing your face there HP.