Thursday, April 17, 2008

Mensline Australia

I can usually tell when something is bugging Practical Man but getting him to open up about what's eating him is usually harder than drawing blood from the proverbial stone. His behaviour is not that unusual. Many men find it hard to open up about what they're feeling.

So I was excited when I came across Mensline Australia today, a mental health support website specifically dedicated to men of all ages. Mensline Australia is managed by Crisis Support Services, a not-for-profit community organisation and is funded by the Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs (FaHCSIA) as part of the department’s Men and Family Relationships initiative, launched in 1997. The initiative offers a range of services and programs to support men in managing family and relationship difficulties.

It offers a wealth of support information in areas such communication in relationships, relationship breakdown, fathering from a distance, family violence and so on.

There is a specific youth section which has information on depression and anger management, being a first time father (coincidentally, I just read an article on post-natal depression in men), unplanned pregnancy, drinking responsibly, same sex attraction amongst others.

The site also has sections for the Arabic, Indigenous and Vietnamese communities.

There's an online forum and a 24 hour support line run by trained professionals (1300 789978 - Australia only).


Dreaming again said...

This is off topic .. question about school.
Were you required to study a second language? Which one did you learn?

My college is requiring a second language. Ok.
I asked if Sign Language would count.
Can I test out?
They said they'd find out.
Just got the email
"NO" (not just "no" but "NO")
"you must take sign 1 and sign 2"

ARGH! ARGH! ARGH!! I've been signing for 30 years.
Stubborn streak in me is showing through. One of my heel digging 25 years ago ... college entry requirements ... second language. They wouldn't accept sign language, wasn't considered a language (is now ...started being accepted 2 years after I graduated high school! SEE I had a point!!)

I refused to take another language when I already knew another one. (oh boy am I stubborn)

I can feel a war coming on. *grin* I will not pay them $44.95 an hour for 4 hour classes (yes, that's all it is per hour, and yes, they are both 4 hour classes) for classes I could teach. I've been signing for 30 years, been around it since I've been born!
My mom taught me to say and sign the alphabet at the same time!!

(My father taught at the California School for the Deaf from 1958 to 1970)

Am I *nuts* ???

Health Psych said...

Hi Dreaming Again,

That's a new one for me. Was never required to study a second language for psychology and although I do speak European languages, I wouldn't use them in work.

You're not nuts! Quite the opposite. Why can't you receive exemption for those two units on the basis of previous study. You've offered to demonstrate it? Do you have any certification at all?


phd in yogurtry said...

"post-natal depression in men"

universally preceded by the following exlaimations

"what do you mean I have to do my own laundry?"

"what? no more backrubs?"


"how long did the doctor say we have to wait, again?"

Deb said...

I experience the same with my hubby too.

And for dreaming, tell them that you cannot take sign one and sign two. Tell them that you are fluent in ASL Sign Language and that there must be a way to wave your competency therein. I would tell them that you will go higher up to voice your complaint. I would even tell them that you are going to contact the local newspapers local tv network about this.

Awake In Rochester said...

I've just posted a question in my blog... Therapy - What works? I'd be interested in hearing your opinion.

Health Psych said...

Now, now, Phd in Yogurty :)

Yep, Deb. Thanks for the advice for Dreaming.

Hi Awake,
Been and spouted forth on your blog :)

anna said...

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Smooth Guy said...

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