Friday, March 14, 2008

Psychological research online

I just wanted to bring the Psychological Research on the Net site to your attention. Hosted by Hanover University in the U. S., this site provides links to all manner of psychological studies being conducted online. It's a great resource for psychologists, allowing access to a far greater number of potential subjects than otherwise might be possible.

Of course, it's not applicable for all kinds of research and it does come with certain risks. The internet provides anonymity, people can say whatever they want.

Nonetheless, there's some really interesting studies in progress. I often (when in procrastination mode) wander over to see if there's any studies of interest that I can contribute to.

I used this site to recruit subjects for both my undergraduate (cybercondria) and postgraduate (rumination) research (in addition to more traditional methods) and I was very appreciative of the people who took the time to complete my studies in this manner.

So, if you have time to spare, why not make a cup of tea or coffee and wander on over. You could be contributing to the next big breakthrough in psychology!


PsychPerson said...

Ohhh, I could spend a lot of time checking this out...thanks for the link! It looks really, really interesting.

Beachwriter said...

Thanks for the link. Everything looks interesting. said...

Descarga libros gratis en la Web Oficial de Psikolibro

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Alison said...

An excellent resource! Just give me the day off this week with no kids and I am so there. Nah, I'm going to be there anyway!

Health Psych said...

Hi everyone,
Spent many an hour there myself. Still, I can justify the procrastination in that I'm helping colleagues, no? :)

Health Psych said...

Oh, and I'm not sure what the other comment is...something about free psychology books onlne? Sounds good but I think I'd find it a challenge to read a psych book in Spanish.... to check out the link.