Friday, March 07, 2008


Another fabulous initiative from The Black Dog Institute. Straight from their newsdesk:

The Black Dog Institute today launched DepEd, an online education program to help people better understand and manage depression. The Black Dog Institute believes there is a distinct need at the present time to make the assessment and management of mood disorders more sophisticated to ensure people are not over-treated or under-treated for their condition.

Check it out here! Bookmark it for future reference.


Bronnie said...

This is such a great site - thanks for pointing me in the direction of it!
Good to see your posts over the past wee while - haven't stopped by as often as I'd like (going back to work takes up TIME!!), but I'm still keeping an eye on things!

SeaSpray said...

Hi HP...I left you a comment on your procedure post and am glad all is well. :)

MY girlfriend's d-i-l is trying to conceive but is on Effexor. Is that harmful to the baby? Also...she tried to stop it last year and had such awful side effects that she couldn't. I think she got it through her PCP and I don't know if there is decent follow-up with her or if the prescription is automatically renewed.

cool_iceman said...

the word "DepED" is somewhat misleading to this site. deped is for department of education

Anonymous said...

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Deped Teacher said...

I wonder why you use deped as the tile of your blog. Hope you have some explanation.