Wednesday, December 19, 2007

T'is the season to be careful.....

This time of the year is when we get together with family and friends and indulge ourselves a little. Or, in my case, overindulge myself a lot. *sheepish grin*

While this should be a time of fun, unfortunately there can be a more sinister side, particularly in the Christmas party setting. Already, this year, as many as three women every 48 hours have called the NSW Rape Crisis Centre hotline to report rape and indecent assaults at Christmas functions. NSW Rape Crisis Centre Manager, Karen Willis, points out that it's happening in all kinds of settings: factories, law firms, offices and high-profile companies. It's also not restricted to Christmas festivities but can also become a problem when working back late.

Add to this the potential danger of drink spiking, where alcohol or even a drug is added to your drink without your knowledge, and the consequences could be dire, if not fatal.

It's not only about women either. Note that 1 in 5 drink spiking victims are men!

So, while not wanting to put a dampener on the holiday spirit, it's important to be aware of potential problems. Before heading out this season, take time to read the resources that follow and keep yourself safe.

If you happen to find yourself the victim of assault or drink spiking, report the incidence to the police immediately.


NSW Rape Crisis Centre (02) 9819 6565 or 1800 424017

Drinking Spiking (Australian Federal Police)


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