Monday, April 02, 2007

Mental Health Ambassadors

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I wrote earlier about increasing levels of depression, anxiety and suicide among farmers in the rural regions of Australia as a consequence of the worsening drought. Usually resilient by nature, they're often less likely to seek help, particularly for mental illness.

It's great news therefore that The Black Dog Institute has launched an important new initiative to help reduce the stigma of mental illness in the rural regions of Australia. The Institute has appointed ten ambassadors, people who have experienced depression and bipolar disorder either personally or as a carer, to talk publicly about their experiences and act as local contacts.

Read more about this great program and the program ambassadors.


SeaSpray said...

Hi Health Psych - Just want to let you know that I left a long comment in response to your comment. I think it was so long because I guess I am still working through some of the stuff. thanks for stopping by. :)

Why are you having problems with blogger? is word press any better? I love blogger, although the other nite it wouldn't let me leave a comment on Chrysalis Angels site.

Have a beautiful Day! :)

Dr. Deb said...

How great!

HP said...

Hi SeaSpray,
I'll check back on your blog. No idea what the problem with Blogger minute I can read/make comments, the next I can't. Fickle creature!

Hi Deb,
A great initiative. The situation really is dire.