Thursday, September 21, 2006


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MoodGYM is an initiative of the Centre for Mental Health Research at the Australian National University.

It's an interactive program designed to help people identify whether they are experiencing problems with emotions such as depression and anxiety, to help them learn skills to overcome these problems and develop good coping skills for the future.

The program is easy to use and is based on both cognitive and interpersonal therapy, both of which have been shown to be beneficial in the treatment of depression, anxiety and related mood disorders.

It shouldn't be used as a substitute for diagnosis and treatment by an appropriate health professional but is a good starting point if you want to learn more about these disorders.

Source: MBF


Borneo Breezes said...

Good idea, methinks. A way for the internet to be more accessible.

Miette said...

I went through the first module and I think this may be very helpful. Thanks for posting it! I'm going to pass it on to my student advisor and my psychiatrist.

healthpsych said...

Hi Borneo Breezes,
Thanks for dropping by. It's an interesting initiative. If you're interested in this, you might also find the online bipolar project at of interest.

Hi Miette,
I did the first module too and it looks good to me. Good to see this kind of initiative coming online.

cathy said...

I like this idea!

Will you do me a favor when you get time? I know you couldn't comment on my blog for awhile. Blogger sent me an email and said they "think" it is all fixed now. Can you try to comment so we will know? NO HURRY, just whenever you can..



healthpsych said...

Hi Cathy,
I hope you drop back here because I still can't display or leave comments on your blog - the whole thing just hangs. Will also email you. Frustrating, isn't it?

fjl said...

That it the cutest possible picture. :-)

healthpsych said...

You know, FJL, I was just waiting for someone to say that. I was trying to find a use for this picture for a while. Isn't it just wonderful?

Dr. Deborah Serani said...

This sounds wonderful. I'm going to see if I get go further in the link you provided. This could be so helpful in reducing Alexithymia.

Evan Hadkins said...

A wonderful initiative.

I guess CBT lends itself to online (seeing as its an informational approach).

Most encouraging to see people getting out of the academy and taking it to the people.

Thanks for giving this link. Evan